AIRPLANE PAINTER was created in 2002 by Mr. Arslan. It is the first company that developed the concept of modular paint shops.

The innovative concept allowed AIRPLANE PAINTER to quickly become a force in aviation since they were able to adjust on site, to all type of aircrafts. In 2011, AIRPLANE PAINTER settled with its modular paint shops into hangar 4 of Toulouse Francazal airport. It was a chance to develop, increase the number of the teams and widen the range of services.

Along with the paint activities, Mr. Arslan decided to widen the field of expertise and created AIRPLANE PAINTER in 2016, an aircraft maintenance company (part 145). The creation of AIRPLANE DELIVERY allowed not only to release the aircrafts after paint but also to handle all the maintenance work required on aircrafts, ranging from C checks to return to service and including trouble shooting phases and composite repairs.

AIRPLANE DELIVERY and AIRPLANE PAINTER therefore offer in the same location, without having to fly the aircraft, the possibility to complete paint work, line checks & maintenance of aircrafts.

To support the development of AIRPLANE PAINTER & AIRPLANE DELIVERY, Mr. Arlsan decided in 2020 to widen even more the range of activities and created AIRPLANE TECHNICS, dedicated to the conception of innovative solutions related to paint & maintenance activities. AIRPLANE TECHNICS will also offer livery conception & cabin adjustment along with the design of the associated tools.

Airplane Delivery
Airplane Painter
Airplane technics

AIRPLANE group is made of those three companies and is therefore a service center “all in one” devoted to aviation. The collaboration of the three companies make it possible to do all maintenance tasks efficiently, quickly and with quality.

The companies of AIRPLANE group are made up with experienced teams and offer to our customers a complete service of high quality, with a lot of flexibility & reactivity with unrivalled lead times.