Customer Project Manager (M/F)

AIRPLANE grows, so do its teams!

Customer satisfaction is an important aspect of any business and Customer project manager play a key role in managing this satisfaction.

AIRPLANE is looking for an experienced CUSTOMER PROJECT MANAGER (M/F) to join our sales team.

The ideal candidate will have sales experience in the aerospace industry, a solid understanding of customer needs and the ability to develop and maintain business relationships to build customer loyalty.  He or she will be responsible for generating sales opportunities, negotiating contracts and managing existing accounts.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Identify customers’ needs and help them solve their problems by proposing solutions adapted to their needs,
  • Work closely with other departments in the company, such as Technical Desk, Supply Chain, Planning & Finance to ensure optimal customer satisfaction,
  • Maintain regular and effective communication with clients and client’s representatives,
  • Prepare progress reports,
  • Participate in projects progress meetings,
  • Customize sales approach to meet unique customer needs,
  • Participate in customer satisfaction surveys,
  • Inform Marketing of trends and opportunities,
  • Collaborate with other members of the sales team and share best practices,
  • Plan customer visits to aircraft to show defects and work advancement,
  • Understand customer needs,
  • Ensure effective follow-up by communicating regularly with customers to ensure their satisfaction,
  • Understand customer expectations to avoid misunderstandings and disputes,
  • Build a relationship of trust
  • Ensure the work is performed in accordance with contracts or customer orders,
  • Ensure aircraft arrival & coordination with customer representatives and crews,
  • Monitor the financial status of customer accounts
  • Ensure and follow up on administrative and regulation formalities,

Soft skills

  • Excellent English skills (verbal and written),
  • Excellent communication, sales and negotiation skills,
  • Ability to provide adapted solutions and personalized approach,
  • Ability to work under pressure,
  • Ability to discern and prioritize emergencies,
  • Availability and flexibility.

Education & training

  • Master’s degree in business development field (bac+5)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Management of commercial units or Negotiation and customer relations or a related field. (Bac+2)
  • Two to three years of work experience related to sales.

Full time position to be filled immediately at Toulouse Francazal airport.

Remuneration to be defined according to experience.

Handicapped-friendly company: with equal skills, all our positions are open to people with disabilities.

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